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What we do

The Pearson lab is a university based research laboratory. We have two distinct aims:

1.To conduct collaborative integrative scientific research in the area of cognitive neuroscience and beyond.

2. To bridge the gap between brain science research and non-scientific applications.

The empirical research strategy of the lab is to seek converging experimental evidence from a variety of methodological approaches, advancing theory and testing conceptual models. We currently utilise behavioural methods, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), all with human subjects.

The Pearson Lab is situated within the Department of Psychology at The University of NSW Sydney Australia.

Examples of our Current Research

'Mind's Eye' Influences Visual Perception

Visual memory can stabilise perception


Industry Consultancy

Bridging the gap between brain science and the every day!

The Pearson Lab consults with a variety of industries including health, medicine, interactive technologies, film, education, art and design. We specialise in applying what we know about the human brain to improve a variety of daily activities and experiences.







Pearson Lab News

  • Association for psychological science 2014 convention – our symposium on mental imagery accepted! Check it out here

  • Joel’s 2014 ASSC tutorial “Seeing what's not there and measuring it: Conscious perception without a stimulus" accepted see all the details here

  • Our ASSC symposium was also accepted: “Unconscious perception: Does it exist, and what should we require from evidence?” Click here for all the details 





Student and Research Positions

The Pearson lab is currently accepting graduate PhD students and keen undergraduates. Interested students are encouraged to contact The Pearson Lab with any questions and funding possibilities.